Weekly Links 30th July-5th August 2012

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Here is the eleventh installment of our weekly links. Feel free to share your comments and recommend links.


Imam Feisel Rauf, of the Cordoba Initiative, speaks at St. Barts interfaith forum on ‘American Muslim’ identity.


Inside Islam’s project to illuminate diversity and challenge misconceptions ends in this recap of the work in a range of different areas.


Salman Hameed’s Irtiqa blog looks at Saleem H. Ali’s work on Islam and environmentalism beyond superficiality.


Zahir Janmohamed, on Racialicious, sketches the consequences of public figures demonising Muslims.


An EU funded report looks at the role of religious education in state funded schools, with special reference to Islam.


Charles Haynes, writing in the Washington Post, looks at questions surrounding state funding for religious education in the US.


The Guardian’s Joseph Harker questions the double standards of media reporting in two sex crimes cases.


Dr Nafeez Mossaddeq Ahmed draws together various perspectives on Islamophobia in the press, originally submitted to the Leveson Inquiry.


Michael Portillo looks to Andalucia as a case study for examining Islam’s interactions with Europe for BBC Radio 4.


Engage looks at the Daily Mail’s woeful reporting of how Ramadan will disrupt LOCOG’s ability to run the games.


Al-Arabiya reports on Canadian talk show host Michael Coren’s appearance on TV dressed in niqab.


US poet Kazim Ali’s work in profiled on NPR.


The Nations’ Cord Jefferson questions why James Holmes will not be tried on terrorism charges.


The Atlantic Wire offers a humorous pastiche on conservative rumour around Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin.


The Commentator’s Rupert Sutton looks at the movement in UK universities to prevent ‘PREVENT’.

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